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It’s Time to Find Your Balance

It’s Time to Find Your Balance

Praise for BBalance

The App

(Your First Step to a Good Day!)

Get Personalized Recommendations

The BBalance app gives daily guided coaching experiences to improve your balanced weight and to live a more body-positive life.

The app tracks automatically so you don't see the numbers until you choose to. Less stress, more control over your health data.

Assess Your Balance, Improve Your Fitness

No need to be fearful of the dreaded number, no more "Damn, I don't even want to look at the scale." With thousands of sensors the matscale records your balanced weight depending on your center of gravity and the pressure that's applied on each foot. Now your feet speak for you.

Live Pain-Free with Posture Analysis

Bad posture can put unnecessary stress on your muscles, joints, and ligaments—leading to back, shoulder, and neck pain. 

BBalance keeps a daily record of your balance and posture and gives you customized exercises so you live pain and stress-free. 

BBalance is Unique.

Here's Why 

Integrate into your day

Place BBalance in your bathroom like you would any other bathmat. Step on the matscale, dry your feet while it automatically collects your daily data.

Measure your balance 

Get a posture score with the patent pending 4000 dot pressure mapping. Access to suggested exercises to correct your posture and improve your score.

Weigh sans stress

Check the app when you’re good and ready and see whether your daily balanced weight is aligned with your health goals.

Know body composition

BBalance uses a bio-impedance analysis system to tell you your body composition such as muscle mass and fat mass right at home.

Keep data private

BBalance uses a footprint recognition AI algorithm to identify every home user for an ultimate personalized experience.

Track growing kids

Kids will always surprise you, but at least now you'll know their shoe size. BBalance tells you a child’s foot size and growth metrics when they step on the matscale. 

Your Feet Speak For You




Weight, body and posture

Record everyday, consult any day

Hi. I'm BBalance.

How humans measure body health hasn’t changed much in over 100 years.  Yes, one hundred years.

The time for change is now. 

Enter BBalance.

The world’s first matscale + app combo that gives you a holistic picture of your body health.

BBalance is a matscale that seamlessly fits into your life to automatically check and collect your posture, weight, and body composition.

So you can effortlessly find your daily balance and live a healthier, more balanced life. 


Find Your Balance

Holistic health data available at home

Launching soon. Early Birds get 40% off.

Launching soon. Early Birds get 40% off.

Your first step to a good day

Find Your Balance

Holistic health data available at home

BBalance is Unique. Here's Why